Thursday, November 10, 2011

School Diary 10/11 and Life 10/11

Today.... looks different.

School Diary 10/11 -
When I reached the school at 6:52am, no one in my class, no one in 5 Gamma and 5 Delta too.
so I thought she didn't come.
When I heard Amanda Lee/someone called her name, and she suddenly appeared.
I was so shocked and surprised!
I was too panic that time, TOO PANIC, don't know what to do. LOL.
Anyway, happy to see her today. =)

Nothing much happened before recess.
I remembered I received 3 pizza hut vouchers from my class teacher. COOL.
Gonna use it on Christmas this year.
I did Biology before recess, and Chemistry after recess.

Arranged the table after recess.
That situation looks cool. Wanted to take pictures that time but I feel it was not the time yet.
My position in the exam hall is satisfied enough. =)
4 Goals Completed:
1) Sit BEHIND of the exam hall, not in front. I'm sitting in the right-back position of the exam hall, the 5th last row. Satisfied.
2) sit behind my lover, but it is a bit far than what I expected. Anyway, still can see her. Satisfied.
3) sit behind my ex-lover. goal completed.
4) sit behind him. Closest among all the goals. Distance = Square root (17) units. In other way of expression, square root (4x4+1x1) = square root (17) units.
Satisfied enough. =)
But of course sitting the most back is the best. LOL
nearby the place where I sit in the exam hall, there's something that I can focus to it, to improve my concentration on exam!

Actually this is not the main purpose I update my blog.
I have something more important to say.
I have realized that C3 has a long way to go, still so far to be achieved masterly.
I realized many things today.

If you know me well, I have a very low socializing skill or I don't have a social life.
My world is still quite 'small', I realized that's a lot more interesting stuffs to find out once I have a social life.
SPM looks a bit fun, mainly because I can meet everyone I hope to meet in the exam hall.
"I want to have a social life, I wish to have a social life, I hope to have a social life", it is much better than staying alone.
I have went through many experiences before I started my social life, unlike most people (99.99999%) started their social life automatically or naturally without been through that much experiences.
C3 is not easy, I need a social life in order to get better in it.

There are so many things yet to be find out in the world, I hate to stay in the 'small' world.
I really hate to stay in the lonely situation. really hate.
Oh, I have understood some of the sayings on twitter and facebook with their social life. (hard to explain + no time)

Okay.... going to school tomorrow for Graudation Day.
And remember, for C6, love, there's always a reason why here why there.... (I have mentioned this before)
And doesn't mean I know the reasons, maybe I take some time to find out.

Next, about the camera stuffs. Yes, I brought my camera to school today.
And I don't find it wrong at all. Amanda Sena seems to be very unpleasant just now, don't know what happened to her la...
I don't find it wrong at all! it is normal because we almost left secondary school already, so just take some pictures to remember it lah... MEMORIES.
Will post all those pictures after the SPM.
I'm bringing camera tomorrow, 100% sure, for Graduation Day. But not take everything in there, when I find a good time or a good situation, then only I use my camera.

About C6, I don't what to say now....
I scare I will hurt her if I say something wrong.
Okay, just put a simple sign: ♥

Oh, realization - people in the internet is different compared to people in real life. True Fact.
Factors: ...

Maybe I'll transfer this to my official blog after the SPM.