Saturday, November 12, 2011

SPM Coming

SPM is so close now....
In my style, today is 12/11. Tomorrow is 13/11. Then, 14/11 - the first day of SPM.

BM is the first day.
Then, follow by English.
Then, History on the third day. A hard battle.
Then, soft down, it is Maths on the 4th day. Relax but still concentrate to it.

The first thing to do in SPM is writing essay, it is BM essay. (paper 1)
There are times I think BM essay is easier than English essay because BM essay is more based on formats and style writing. English Essay? It is different, it is more like freestyle writing without much ideas about its style.
But in term of explanation and languages, English is easier than BM.
So, in conclusion, I think they are almost the same to me.

For your information,
I don't think I will be online tomorrow (13/11), I planned this early already.
Only 20% chance I will online tomorrow.
14/11 - 45% chance I will online. (because of English words.)
15/11 - 5% chance. (because of Sejarah, History)
16/11 - 45% chance. (because of Maths.)
I will be back on 17/11 (Thursday) after Maths Exam in school. (100% chance)

Good Luck!

Life 12/11

I know most of you already know that I will post this right?
Well, I will post this as I promise before.

Just now,
I went to the BM Last Minute Revision Course.
Fuck. It was not about BM in the revision course, it is about my life.

I totally didn't do anything wrong just now, and I was blamed and people think that I'm wrong.

On the way to the tuition, I found my handphone was out of battery, totally out of battery (not say totally la, maybe about 95%, because it still can be switched on temporary, then it will switched off itself!).
And you know what?
My father said it was my fault that I didn't charge it before that.
Fuck. I was so pissed.
It is NOT my fault! Who else?
The hackers did it. The hackers probably keep activating the sound tracker/recorder in my handphone, haha I think they are so pissed because I blocked my sub-camera with a brown paper already.
That's made my handphone's battery used up quickly without even using it at all.

For more information about my handphone was hacked by the hackers,
please kindly visit this site:
That's one of my blog I created last month to against the hackers.
Any information about them? I just throw it in this blog.

Okay, back to my life situation, so it was not my fault right?
Please don't simply blame me.
Additionally, my parents have mentioned that I only can charge my handphone when the battery is 100% used up. But my handphone's battery wasn't used up completely yet, it switched off itself when its battery reached about 95% to save some battery to make it lasts longer.
So, even through the hackers doesn't exist in my handphone, it is STILL NOT my fault!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can also say I didn't charge my handphone because of this.
Oh, stop saying that my handphone's quality is bad and blah, blah, blah.... Stop acting la...

But I think the hackers exist. Probably.
If I'm not mistaken, all the hackers' stalking tools that I written on this post:
ALL EXIST/ ALL ARE TRUE except the brain tracker tools according to some proofs.
BUT I still believe the brain tracker tools exist, now maybe 10%.

Not more than that, when I asked my mum to borrow her handphone to me so I can use it to contact them, she refused to borrow me. (hey, this is NOT the first time I asked her to borrow her handphone to me, she borrowed me her handphone before that)
The parent stalking tool exists. (+) some previous reasons.
I bet my parents have the hackers' numbers in their phone.
HMM... Actually I also wonder how often they contact with each other. LOL.
The hackers' numbers seem to be hidden, it is either:

  1. My parents memorized their numbers.
  2. My parents recorded their numbers in their handphone BUT in a different names. Who knows? A boy's name can be recorded as a girl's name, or it can recorded as another person that they know.
  3. They hide the contacts somewhere in the phone, can be in the calendar, notes, reminders and other possible place that can record something.
  4. Or they wrote their numbers somewhere in a piece of paper? or somewhere else that can be easily seen by them, but not me.
  5. And more...

Am I right?
I have realized this since last month already and now only I posted it here.
Everything bad that I did in my family, people from my school knew it.
It is so common already la now....

Actually it wasn't completely a bad sign.
I can settle C4, C5, C6, C10 and C11 at the 'make it' situation.
But of course it is not that easy.
Either C6 or C5 will be done first, then follow by C11, then C4, then only C10?
It is just a guess only la....
Doesn't mean it works.
But if I didn't put any effort, all these will leave unsettled FOREVER.
Me sad =(

Okay, back to life situation,
So it is not my fault right?
Stop acting la....
Stop saying that I'm blur, I'm wrong because of this.
Your way of judging me is totally wrong, I can tell you. Especially my parents always judge me in the wrong way, and THEN they tell all the wrong stuffs to the stalkers. After that, the stalkers spread it, THEN everyone knows. WTF?
See? I hate my life.
This happens a lot of time already since few weeks/months ago. Now only I post it here?....

"Let me tell you, if you judge someone, DON'T judge the person physically, judge the person mentally/judge on what they think in their brain. NOT the physical movement shown by them."

okay, I didn't say I'm always correct, BUT this time I don't think I'm wrong.

I feel much more comfortable after revealed this on my blog.

If you read everything in this post, then thank you for spending some time to read it.

If you feel unhappy or your mood changes badly after reading this, then I can conclude that you never understand my situation at all.

Why everyone is keep going against me? =(